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P,T-Odd Interactions in Atomic 129Xe and Phenomenological Applications
Timo Fleig and Martin Jung
Phys Rev A 103 (2021) 012807

The DIRAC Code for Relativistic Molecular Calculations
T. Saue, R. Bast, A. S. P. Gomes, H. J. Aa. Jensen, L. Visscher, I. A. Aucar, R. Di Remigio, K. G. Dyall, E. Eliav, E. Fasshauer, T. Fleig, L. Halbert, E. D. Hedegard, B. Helmich-Paris, M. Ilias, C. Jacob, S. Knecht, J. K. Laerdahl, M. L. Vidal, M. K.Nayak, M. Olejniczak, J. M. H. Olsen, M. Pernpointner, B. Senjean, A. Shee, A. Sunaga, J. N. P. van Stralen
J Chem Phys 152 (2020) 204104

P,T-Violating and Magnetic Hyperfine Interactions in Atomic Thallium
Timo Fleig and Leonid V. Skripnikov
Symmetry 12 (2020) 498

P,T-Odd Tensor-Pseudotensor Interactions in atomic 199Hg and 225Ra
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 99 (2019) 012515

Model-independent determinations of the electron EDM and the role of diamagnetic atoms
Timo Fleig and Martin Jung
J High Energy Phys (JHEP) 07 (2018) 012

P,T-Odd and Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction Constants and Excited-State Lifetime for HfF+
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 96 (2017) 040502(R)

TaO+ as a candidate molecular ion for searches of physics beyond the standard model
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 95 (2017) 022504

In search of discrete symmetry violations beyond the standard model: Thorium monoxide reloaded
Malika Denis and Timo Fleig
J Chem Phys 145 (2016) 214307

TaN, a molecular system for probing P,T-violating hadron physics
Timo Fleig, Malaya K. Nayak, and Mikhail G. Kozlov
Phys Rev A 93 (2016) 012505

Theoretical Study on ThF+, a prospective system in search of time-reversal violation
Malika Denis, Morten N. Pedersen, Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen, Andre Severa Pereira Gomes, Malaya K. Nayak, Stefan Knecht, and Timo Fleig
New J Phys 7 (2015) 043005

Theoretical Studies of Special Relativity in Atoms and Molecules
Timo Fleig
In Specialist Periodical Reports of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemical Modelling: Volume 11 (2014)
Michael Springborg (Editor), Jan-Ole Joswig (Editor)

Electron Electric Dipole Moment and Hyperfine Interaction Constants for ThO
Timo Fleig and Malaya K. Nayak
J Mol Spectrosc 300 (2014) 16-21

General Active Space Commutator-Based Coupled Cluster Theory of General Excitation Rank for Electronically Excited States. Implementation and Application to ScH
Mickael Hubert, Jeppe Olsen, Jessica Loras, and Timo Fleig
J Chem Phys 139 (2013) 194106

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