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P,T-Odd Tensor-Pseudotensor Interactions in atomic 199Hg and 225Ra
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 99 (2019) 012515

Model-independent determinations of the electron EDM and the role of diamagnetic atoms
Timo Fleig and Martin Jung
J High Energy Phys (JHEP) 07 (2018) 012

P,T-Odd and Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction Constants and Excited-State Lifetime for HfF+
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 96 (2017) 040502(R)

TaO+ as a candidate molecular ion for searches of physics beyond the standard model
Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 95 (2017) 022504

In search of discrete symmetry violations beyond the standard model: Thorium monoxide reloaded
Malika Denis and Timo Fleig
J Chem Phys 145 (2016) 214307

TaN, a molecular system for probing P,T-violating hadron physics
Timo Fleig, Malaya K. Nayak, and Mikhail G. Kozlov
Phys Rev A 93 (2016) 012505

Theoretical Study on ThF+, a prospective system in search of time-reversal violation
Malika Denis, Morten N. Pedersen, Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen, Andre Severa Pereira Gomes, Malaya K. Nayak, Stefan Knecht, and Timo Fleig
New J Phys 7 (2015) 043005

Theoretical Studies of Special Relativity in Atoms and Molecules
Timo Fleig
In Specialist Periodical Reports of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemical Modelling: Volume 11 (2014)
Michael Springborg (Editor), Jan-Ole Joswig (Editor)

Electron Electric Dipole Moment and Hyperfine Interaction Constants for ThO
Timo Fleig and Malaya K. Nayak
J Mol Spectrosc 300 (2014) 16-21

General Active Space Commutator-Based Coupled Cluster Theory of General Excitation Rank for Electronically Excited States. Implementation and Application to ScH
Mickael Hubert, Jeppe Olsen, Jessica Loras, and Timo Fleig
J Chem Phys 139 (2013) 194106

Electron Electric Dipole Moment Interaction Constant for HfF+ from Relativistic Correlated All-Electron Theory
Timo Fleig and Malaya K. Nayak
Phys Rev A 88 (2013) 032514

Excitation Energies from Relativistic Coupled-Cluster of General Excitation Rank. Initial implementation and application to the Si atom and the molecules XH, X={As, Sb, Bi}
Mickael Hubert, Lasse K. Sørensen, Jeppe Olsen, and Timo Fleig
Phys Rev A 86 (2012) 012503

Relativistic quantum chemistry on quantum computers
Libor Veis, Jakub Visnák, Timo Fleig, Stefan Knecht, Trond Saue, Lucas Visscher, Jirí Pittner
Phys Rev A 85 (2012) 030304

Invited Review: Relativistic Wavefunction-Based Electron Correlation Methods
Timo Fleig
Chem Phys 395 (2012) 2-15

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