Open Shells. Open Questions

A conference in honor of Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen

Where and when
Huset, Middelfart, Denmark, Aug 24 - 26 2015
The meeting starts Monday 15h00 and ends with dinner Wednesday night.
Organized by
Emmanuel Fromager, Jacob Kongsted, Stefan Knecht, Patrick Norman, Trond Saue
A pdf of the program is found here
How to get there
The natural entry point to Denmark by plane is Kastrup airport near Copenhagen. From the airport terminal there are trains taking you directly to Middelfart in about 2.5 hours (see here for the journey "Kastrup Lufthavn, Udenrigs (Tog, Metro, Bus)" to "Middelfart St."). From Germany you may also consider going directly by train.
Invited speakers

Special issue of Molecular Physics
A special issue of Molecular Physics in honour of Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen has been approved by the Editorial Board of Molecular Physics. The issue has been tentatively scheduled for Vol 114 issues 19-20, which will have a cover date of October 2016, but should be online well ahead of this date, possibly already in July 2016. Manuscript submission deadline: 31st January 2016. Date by which all content for the issue will be accepted: 15 May 2016
What to do
Bridgewalking !
See the Tollund man in Silkeborg.