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* [Bia11] Raffaello Bianco and Raffaele Resta, //Mapping topological order in coordinate space//, Physical Review B 84, 241106(R) (2011) {{ :ncpchem:bianco_resta_2011_mapping_topological_order_in_coordinate_space.pdf |(pdf)}} * [Hai07] Christian Hainzl, Mathieu Lewin and Jan Philip Solovej, //The mean‐field approximation in quantum electrodynamics: The no‐photon case//, Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 60 (2007) 546-596 {{ :ncpchem:hainz_lewin_solovej_commpureapplmath_2007.pdf | (pdf)}} * [Sau03] T. Saue and L. Visscher: //Four-component electronic structure methods for molecules//, in S. Wilson and U. Kaldor (eds.): ``Theoretical chemistry and physics of heavy and superheavy elements'', Kluwer, Dordrecht 2003 {{ :ncpchem:chap8.pdf |(pdf)}} * [Sch15] Jan Schlemmer and Jochen Zahn, //The current density in quantum electrodynamics in external potentials//, Annals of Physics 359 (2015) 31–45 {{ :ncpchem:schlemmer_zahn_annphys2015.pdf |(pdf)}}

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