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====== molQED: Molecular Quantum Electrodynamics ====== <WRAP> <WRAP column 80%> <WRAP round box bgcyan> __//** Public **//__ * [[public:overview|Project overview]] * [[public:members|Project members]] * [[public:publications|Publications]] </WRAP> <WRAP round box bgred> __//** News **//__ * ** Sep 24-25 2018 ** Kickoff meeting at Université Paris-Dauphine {{ :kickoff2018.jpg?direct&400 |}} From the left: Maria Estebanm Mathieur Lewin, Maen Salman, Eric Séré, Thomas Ourmières-Bonafos, Maxime Chupin, Christian Hainzl, Guillaume Legendre, David Gontier. Photo: Trond Saue </WRAP> <WRAP round box bgblue> __//** molQED members **//__ * [[molqed:Intranet|Intranet]] </WRAP> <WRAP round help bgwhite 77%> __//** Getting started **//__ Questions or comments? Please contact the [[|webmaster]]. </WRAP>

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